At last here we are again. Welcome to our Winter 2003 issue. We’ve been hard at work writing and researching for our numerous projects and clients. We were unable to provide a Christmas issue this year as William was in Portugal dealing with an exciting new development. He has been named the Canadian Brand Ambassador for Saven, the largest food and wine distributor in Portugal. With this, he will be working with a number of small elite wineries of Portugal. In our Spring 2003 issue, William will be reporting on all the fabulous wines he discovered in Portugal, which will be making their way to Canada for the first time. So stay tuned. William will also be making his way to Bordeaux again this year for VinExpo. That means you can look forward to a detailed report later this year.

We have many plans for our web site this year. There will be some new looks, new features and new contributors appearing over the next few months. And we would love to hear from you. If you have questions about the wine, food or anything that has your interest, please contact us. Keep checking what the experts have to say about our site.

And new items are always being added to the Purple Feet Library, so here is your chance to read some articles you might have missed the first time.

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William Bincoletto

International Sommelier's Guild

The International Sommelier Guild & William Bincoletto are pleased to announce a new learning opportunity for the wine enthusiast.



What is a great “pick me up” for the post Christmas season? How about a sublime and indulgent afternoon tea? I just love having some family or friends over for a lavish tea with all the trimmings – sandwiches, scones, cream and jam, cakes and tea. My nieces and I have wonderful Teddy Bear tea parties filled with delicious treats, giggles and much laughter.

A really good afternoon tea is filling enough to replace supper, so if you want to, use afternoon tea as an excuse not to make your evening meal. I have had enough poor afternoon teas in highly reputable hotels and restaurants to bemoan the way that North America treats this wonderful respite. So I have decided to dedicate an issue to my love of this often-misrepresented event.


Portugal in January is divine. I was lucky enough to have a new client come on board, which necessitated a trip to Portugal. And now for something completely
"We bones in here wait for yours to join us." - A snapshot of Evora's Chapel of Bones. More...


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