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Dos Maderas PX

93 pts the world’s only triple cask aged rum, an innovative three-step aging process to create a distinctively rich and smooth taste.

First aged in oak casks for five years in the Caribbean (Guyana & Barbados) and then sailed across to Spain for an additional three years of ageing in casks that once held the internationally acclaimed “Dos Cortados” 20-years-old Palo Cortado sherry. Dos Maderas Rum PX then undergoes a third and final aging step when the rum rests for two years in casks that previously held Don Guido, a 20 year aged Pedro Ximenez sherry.

  • Color: Dark amber

  • Bouquet: Rich with aromas of fig and raisin.

  • Taste: Balanced palate accented with ripe fruit and tropical soice over a smoky oak and tobacco finish, laved with hints of Sherry.

  • Serving Suggestions: Best savored neat or on the rocks. Pairs well with cigars and chocolate.

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