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The Alberta Wine Institute has been  established to enhance the student's knowledge and enjoyment of wine through theoretical and sensory evaluations.


The "Class in a Glass" courses are created with you in mind,

developing your ability to taste, appreciate and evaluate quality.


  Maximum class size is 16, allowing for plenty of personal attention.


Student will also receive a simple to understand handbook

which includes subject information and tasting grid. 


there are NO classes for Fall 2017

  Spring Classes 2018 will go online in Febrauary 2018



Classes are normally held on 
Mondays or Tuesdays @7pm
Number of students: Max: 16


Alberta Wine Institute

held @ Vines Wine Merchants

2331 Rabbit Hill Road

Edmonton, AB

 Tel: 780.434.9444

Fax: 780.434-9447

If you are interested, please contact William below




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